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Good Samaritan

AED immunity

National EMS Education Standards (Overview)

National EMS Education Standards (the standards)

Florida Law

Florida Rule (Emergency Medical Services [EMS])

Florida Rule (Trauma)

Florida Rule (Emergency Medical Dispatch [EMD])

Human Anatomy

Blood Pressure- MAP

Kubler-Ross (Death & Dying)

Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)

FL Advanced Directives


DNRO Facts 

Order of designation Surrogate

Abuse/ neglect


FR Text on-line activities Rev. 4

Presentation by Dr. Damon Dye on 10/12/11 to the all-squad meeting
'Mental Health & Addictions Issues in SCC'

scc ems Damon Dye 12oct11.mp4

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Elder Abuse presentation, Katie Williams
for All Squad Meeting - February 13, 2013

Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs, Dr. Bill Ferron
EMT/EMR meeting - September 18, 2013

Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs - Dr. Bill Farron